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How we build Nordic Paradise

Posted by on 19.2.23 in Uncategorized

We believe that building the camp, layer by layer and having a structure where all members belong to a smaller team that belongs to a bigger area that makes up the camp, will enable us to better include everyone and make all members feel at home. This enables us to build trust and find energy, […]

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Lead allocation

Posted by on 26.1.23 in Uncategorized

Since November the start-up group has worked on setting up Nordic Paradise membership processes and general guidelines for 2023. Today, the start-up group has finnished their work for initating our journey to the playa. This means from this day the allocated lead are taking over as leaders bringing us to Burning Man this year. The […]

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Good news everyone!

Posted by on 18.1.23 in Uncategorized

We are in “good standing”! We just got news from Placement at Black Rock City. Based on the feed-back and assessments of Nordi Camp 2022, we are in good standning. This means that we are eligable to be placed and be allocated Stewardship Tickets. The MOOP-map is still pendning, but we are one step closer!

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Membership Aplication OPEN!

Posted by on 12.1.23 in Uncategorized

Yes! You want to become a member of Nordic Paradise?! First, become a member of the organisation. You do that by selecting “Register” at the top right of this page. Enter your details and pay 200 SEK and you’re a member of the organisation. Secondly, apply to become a member of the camp going to […]

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Work weekend in a cabin – Startup 2023

Let us tell you how it all begins… Every journey has a first step, as for our adventure in the Black Rock Desert 2023. It takes a hundred, or even a thousand to make our vision for a Nordic Paradise come true. After a cabin weekend at Tjörn we are on our way, and soon […]

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LEADS – Apply now

Posted by on 16.12.22 in Blog

This is the application for lead roles in ‘Nordic Paradise’ Camp: Click here We are getting ready to populate the Nordic Paradise! Would you like to be part of the group that takes the first steps? Would you like to create magic? Are you ready to lead the way?  Before you continue – be sure […]

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Is Nordic ‘Camp’ evolving into ‘Paradise’?

Posted by on 14.12.22 in Blog

The concept and theme for 2023 are under development and we are evolving into an even more spectacular place. Even though the name “Nordic Camp” is well established at Black Rock City it seems like it is time to evolve that too. The definition of the word “camp” might come across as less exiting: “A place […]

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Organizational structure 2023

Posted by on 12.12.22 in Leadership

A new way of working together – taking a leap forward “We can do more!” How can we manage to meet a bigger vision with the same amount of individuals as last year? Innovating on how to organize for this year has been an interesting task. The design principles we have built upon are to […]

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Placement is not guaranteed

Posted by on 30.11.22 in Blog

Nordic Camp intends to return to Black Rock City and be a placed theme camp 2023. There are a number of requirements that we need to fulfil in order to make that happen. First off, we need to be in “good standings” with Burning Man Org. All camps that were placed 2022 are reviewed based […]

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