Author: Andrea Pettersson

History of this camp – the first queer vikings in BRC settled in 2012

Posted by on 31.3.23 in Our History

–History Builds Empathy Through Studying the Lives and Struggles of Others –  Where did our journey start? During a new years party three friends named Gustaf Tadaa, Olle Bjerkås and Daniel Brooks got an idea to start a Burning Man camp. In 2012 their camp was named “Palace of Balunsia” but on playa in Black […]

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Co-lead allocation finished – we are now 42 members

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Great things are not created by one person – it is done by a bunch of them. We have been able to welcome 21 co-leads to our Nordic Paradise family. And from what we have heard the number of 42 is also the answer to everything. Splendid! Here is a presentation of who is joining […]

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Organizational structure 2023

Posted by on 12.12.22 in Leadership

A new way of working together – taking a leap forward “We can do more!” How can we manage to meet a bigger vision with the same amount of individuals as last year? Innovating on how to organize for this year has been an interesting task. The design principles we have built upon are to […]

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