Your humble guide to a Nordic Paradise in the dust gets to speak first!

Your humble guide to a Nordic Paradise in the dust gets to speak first!

Posted by on 1.3.24 in Blog

My seventh time. Six times before having I had the awesome pleasure to enjoy the ride. Wow, what rides! They have opened up new dimensions to my life and given me so many beautiful moments, pure joy, true feelings, inner love and connection. I’m truly grateful that I have been able to return so many […]

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Statement of Intent (SOI)

Posted by on 17.1.24 in Blog

Nordic Paradise is a returning theme camp at Burning Man. This means that we need to fill out a Statement of Intent where we specify some details about the camp. The SOI was submitted yesterday! One of the questions is: Please describe your camp’s planned interactivity and offerings that will occur within your camp. This […]

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Camp application is open

Posted by on 18.12.23 in Blog

We have now opened the application becoming a member of Nordic Paradise 2024! The application if open for all, but we will focus on including leads and co-leads first. Deadline for applying as a lead or co-lead is January 31st. To send in an application, you have to be a member of the Nordic Paradise […]

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Starting next year’s camp

Posted by on 7.12.23 in Blog

The starting group is working with updates and are setting the frames for the next year’s camp. We incorporate the learnings from last year and continue building an even better camp! – The membership policy is beeing updated and clarifications are made.– The organisation of the teams are revised as we are moving from 21 […]

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Post Playa report 2023 – Nordic Paradise

Posted by on 26.10.23 in Blog, Burning Man Relations

The Post playa report is now sent to Burning man. Here are some highlights from Nordic Paradise’s report 2023. Camp Highlights What were your camp/villages’s main highlights this year? External: The inviting public space with an amazing bar that served cinnamon buns, ice coffee and awesome drinks. The workshops, music and all the great and […]

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Mind the MOOP!

Posted by on 17.7.23 in Blog

Our MOOP team has put together a document regarding MOOP and LNT. Please read before packing for Burning Man – applies to us all in the camp. MOOP letter

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We are hosting of the burning man regional network event 2023

— Nordic Paradise has been chosen as the camp of this year to host the regional network event 2023 — The event will take place on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 4 – 6 pm. Representatives from all over the world will gather in our public space to celebrate the network’s 25th birthday. • Getting the […]

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We got our placement 2023: 7 & Bigfoot

Posted by on 15.6.23 in Blog, Burning Man Relations

Hell, we’ve snagged ourselves a new dusty spot, 7B in the wild heart of BRC, a magic number if there ever was one. Nestled right in the thick of Burning Man, we’re exposed to the wild, the weird, the downright bizarre. Buckets of Burners and a ceaseless stream of humanity, like ants crawling over a […]

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Vote for our camp logo

Posted by on 2.6.23 in Blog

It’s time for vote for the camp logo for Nordic Paradise 2023! We invite all camp members to vote on your favorite logotypes. The poll will close at Sunday June 11th. Vote using the form below: Here are all the contributions you can vote for:

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Leaders without a leader: Why we try to have a core-lead group instead of a camp lead

Posted by on 8.5.23 in Blog, Leadership

We are striving towards organisational development each year in Nordic Paradise. This year we have worked on creating the so called “Snowflake” that divides the organisation into 5 different areas. As we still need the function of a Camp lead, but we want to increase the redundancy and collaboration we came up with the idea […]

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