Joining the camp

Joining the camp

Posted by on 22.5.24 in Blog

Welcome to join the camp, we still have some spots available!You have to become a member of the NPO first and create an account on our homepage. The NPO has a membership fee (200 SEK / $20). Then you fill out the application form and a member of our team “Membership & Finance” will reach […]

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We will be placed

Posted by on 21.5.24 in Blog

We just got the great news that Nordic Paradise has been selected for placement!We will have our own spot in Black Rock City. The exact address will be made known for us in June.

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Tutorials are live

Posted by on 24.3.24 in Blog

There has always been a challenge to spread important information to all camp members. Some have been part of the camp many times before and some have never been to a burn. We want to minimize the time we put on spreading basic information at our camp meetings. That time is better used for other […]

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The camp is filling up

Posted by on 14.3.24 in Blog

Woho! Most leads and co-leads have been assigned and we are starting to fill up the teams. There are still spots available and you are welcome with your application! Have you already applied and are wondering what is happening? Our membership team is reviewing all applications and will reach out to each and everyone. We […]

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Your humble guide to a Nordic Paradise in the dust gets to speak first!

Posted by on 1.3.24 in Blog

My seventh time. Six times before have I had the awesome pleasure to enjoy the ride. Wow, what rides! They have opened new dimensions to my life and given me so many beautiful moments, pure joy, true feelings, inner love and connection. I’m truly grateful that I have been able to return so many years. […]

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Statement of Intent (SOI)

Posted by on 17.1.24 in Blog

Nordic Paradise is a returning theme camp at Burning Man. This means that we need to fill out a Statement of Intent where we specify some details about the camp. The SOI was submitted yesterday! One of the questions is: Please describe your camp’s planned interactivity and offerings that will occur within your camp. This […]

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Starting next year’s camp

Posted by on 7.12.23 in Blog

The starting group is working with updates and are setting the frames for the next year’s camp. We incorporate the learnings from last year and continue building an even better camp! – The membership policy is beeing updated and clarifications are made.– The organisation of the teams are revised as we are moving from 21 […]

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Full speed ahead!

Posted by on 15.7.23 in Uncategorized

Looking back, while still moving has it’s challanges. But, Nordic Paradise has come a long way this year in the movement towards gour common goal – A safe place where as many as possible can have as much fun as possible. Some talk could be heard alreay on the Playa last year – (Wow this […]

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The gates have closed!

Posted by on 5.7.23 in Uncategorized

Nordic Paradise has filled all its spots! We are now 96 members and we have closed the doors. What an amazing journey that lies ahead of us 🙂 All members look out for the member form – You need to fill it out before 16:th of July. We need to know where you plan to […]

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Main Sale around the corner

Posted by on 28.3.23 in Uncategorized

VERY IMPORTANT DATES: REGISTRATION Opens: April 5, 2023 12pm (noon) PST Closes: April 7, 2023 12pm (noon) PST SALE Starts: April 12, 2023 12pm (noon) PST

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