Statement of Intent (SOI)

Nordic Paradise is a returning theme camp at Burning Man. This means that we need to fill out a Statement of Intent where we specify some details about the camp. The SOI was submitted yesterday!

One of the questions is:
Please describe your camp’s planned interactivity and offerings that will occur within your camp.

This was our our reply:
We are delighted that the new concept and vision for Nordic Paradise 2023 was such a success, and we’re eagerly looking forward to evolving and enhancing it in 2024.

Picture yourself biking along dusty roads in the warm breeze, feeling the thirst for something cold bubbling inside you. As you wonder where you’re going, a tower enclosed by two larger structures with red lettering catches your eye in the distance. Despite the unfamiliar language on it, it calls to you. Stepping into a calming open space with gentle shading, the Norse breeze envelops you as you sit down with a cold drink in hand. You’ve found your way to Nordic Paradise, a place where you can explore, become curious, and maybe discover a new path forward.

The text on the surrounding walls piques your curiosity, leading you to search for clues. Discovering a pouch with small wooden chips adorned with runes, someone approaches, and together you explore your past, present, and future through the runes. Perhaps you use a guide to decipher mystical runic texts, unveiling hidden messages. You might stumble upon clues that guide you through riddles and challenges, leading you to the end of the rainbow and a mystical treasure.

As darkness falls, navigating the city once again, you’re drawn into the previously calm space by a horned being offering magical potions for luck and prosperity. The area is now alive with creatures moving to ancient beats, and you immerse yourself in rhythmic motions. You’ve found what you were seeking.

Our camp theme and the concept of “Nordic Paradise” will manifest through various sub-concepts, ideas, and overall visions:

During the daytime:
– A serene, northern-inspired open space for workshops, conversations, chilling, eating, and drinking.
– A bar serving cold-brew iced coffee, fika (cinnamon buns and other traditional Nordic pastries).
– An open workshop space focusing on exploring the mind and body, awakening curiosity about what lies within.
– Runes and other mystical divination tools, with interpretations provided to help you find answers to your questions.
– A Norse treasure hunt with clues and riddles hidden around the space, promising a reward if you reach the end.

During the evening/night:
– A bar serving traditional Nordic non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, with a sound setup playing sweet rhythms for an extended night party.
– A curious mythical creatures party, organized one evening during the week, where the entire camp invites everyone to party Nordic style!