Full speed ahead!

Looking back, while still moving has it’s challanges. But, Nordic Paradise has come a long way this year in the movement towards gour common goal – A safe place where as many as possible can have as much fun as possible.

Some talk could be heard alreay on the Playa last year – (Wow this was mazing, but) we could have done it differently. That was the spark to Nordic Paradise 2023. The fire came loose in a small cabin, in the cold and dark January, when the theme for the camp and the framwork within which we wanted to create it, were defined.

From that moment, the activity, the number of members and the complexity has increased steadily in the camp. As we now admitted the very last of our members to the camp, it is time to celebrate!

We celebrate the success of populating our camp! All members did their part of the work, but team membership did a fantastic job coordinating everything. An equally challangeing task is happning as we speak, the allocation of shifts in the camp – amazing job everyone!

Now it’s time to join all bits and pieces together. Gather your team and make sure everyone is onboard. We leave nobody behind!