Leaders without a leader: Why we try to have a core-lead group instead of a camp lead

We are striving towards organisational development each year in Nordic Paradise. This year we have worked on creating the so called “Snowflake” that divides the organisation into 5 different areas.

As we still need the function of a Camp lead, but we want to increase the redundancy and collaboration we came up with the idea to have a so called “Core lead group” instead of one specific appointed leader.

What does it mean “Core lead group”?

For each area, we have ONE representative that is also a part of one of the teams withing the area. We decided that it does not have to be any specific lead (anyone can take on the role as a core lead), just that it needs to be one person that is actually operational within the area they are representing.

In addition, we have a chair person for the core lead group that is the lead for organization and burning man relations. And we have a mentor for this group which is the former camp lead of Nordic Paradise (that was Nordic Camp).

So, who is in the group this year?

All in all, the core-lead group of 2023 consists of 7 members: Mikael P (Finance lead), Pontus S (Power lead), Eirini (Kitchen lead), Dejan (Lead for Public spaces) and Andrea P (Chair person) and Nicklas O (Mentor).

core lead group

Tonight we had a meeting with the core leads and the agenda was as follows:

We are posting all the notes on our communication platform DISCORD. To keep everyone in the camp updated and to be as transparent as possible from a leadership perspective. By communicating we also hope to get advise and input on the things that is brought up by the core leads.

The core leads knows what is ongoing in each team, as we have Area meetings or Team meetings instead of Camp meetings. The strive for us is to increase the relevance on each meeting in our Nordic paradise, and the core lead meetings are thought as a bridge between the areas. Each area also have a Chair person, that is someone else from the area (not necessarely the same person as the core lead).

Thanks everyone for doing this experiment also trying out new ways on how to organize a great bunch of competent and wild dreamers! I think we are doing very well and I am so proud to be a part of this organization.