Organizational structure 2023

A new way of working together – taking a leap forward

“We can do more!” How can we manage to meet a bigger vision with the same amount of individuals as last year?

Innovating on how to organize for this year has been an interesting task. The design principles we have built upon are to make the organization as flat as possible in terms of hierarchy and try to enable as much collaboration and team spirit as possible. The aim for the camp this year is to take a step forward and get more ability to do something bigger on the playa. In order to do so – with the same number of individuals as last year – we realized that we need to work on how to organize the individuals.

We ended up in an organizational structure where we have one Core lead group, instead of a single “Lead-Lead”, with representatives within each organizational area that are represented by the verticals in the figure underneath. Thus, each organizational area has one core lead, and that person has one of the roles within the teams of that vertical – but it is up to that person to choose which one. The purpose is to incorporate leadership within the organization and enable everyone to do what they are the most passionate about, apart from being within the core leadership group.

Each organizational area should contain several Teams (we choose Teams instead of Leads) as we want to
make the organization build upon groups instead of single persons. We want to avoid any person feeling overwhelmed or alone in their task area. The overall coordination is done by the core leadership group. But the responsibilities, resources and decisions should lie within the teams.

Each area has vertical teams, and one person within each verticale is part of the Core Lead Group.

Read more about our organizational areas (Link)