Lead allocation

Since November the start-up group has worked on setting up Nordic Paradise membership processes and general guidelines for 2023. Today, the start-up group has finnished their work for initating our journey to the playa. This means from this day the allocated lead are taking over as leaders bringing us to Burning Man this year.

The membership team will review all applications during February and allocate 21 co-leads at the end of February. In March an additional 35 memberships are allocated. Note that 2 lead roles are still vacant, contact us if you are interested in “Transportation & Trailer” (previous BM experienced required) and “Music” (DJ or sound technical experience required).

Leaders under the nordic desert light

If you haven’t already done so, please formally apply to the camp via our homepage: www.nordicparadise.org (Important! The lead application is not the same as the application to join the camp, so remember to apply today).

The allocated leads for Nordic Paradise 2023 are stated in the table below. As a member, (while loged in to the membership area of this homepage) you can review the leads and members for the different teams with profile pictures, and get in contact.

Organisation & BM-relationsAndrea PVery engaged and experienced returning member with knowledge and experience in project management and organisational development.
Finance Mikael PExperienced in the field, treasurer in Nordic Camp NPO, returning member, highly trusted and engaged.
MembershipMaria ÄBeen membership lead for many burns, experienced Nordic camper, welcoming, organised and highly engaged in the camp
SocialLinus HReturning member and Burning Man Regional contact, deeply connected in the “burner community”. Highly social and engaged, outgoing and including soul.
Transport & TrailerVacant 
StrikeRoeland VReturning member with high engagement and a very positive spirit that inspire others. Well organised and can make chaos into order even during strike.
BuildNiklas NVery experienced in the field, was part of the build-team 2022, structured, including and highly engaged returning member
InventoryFilip TExperienced in the field, highly engaged returning member that wants to keep things in order and have ideas on how to improve the inventory
SustainabilityJoakim NHighly engaged returning member with many ideas on how to make the camp more sustainable. Experienced within construction and leadership.
Web & digital platformsDavid OExperienced in the field, already highly engaged in buiding the Home page and other digital platforms, returning member
WaterCecilia MNew to Burning Man and to the community, but highly engaged. Working as team-leader and has experience in leadership and organisation. Curious and motivated to take responsibility in the camp.
MOOPLukas LEngaged and experienced member that been part of the camp since 2015. Good att keeping order and instruct others in a positive and engaging way. Has new ideas how to improve this area for the camp.
EnergyEmil RWas part of Nordic Camp 2022, knowledge in the field and with good connections in USA, highly engaged and motivated
Shift & IceTobias BNew to Burning Man, but have been part of the starting group, very highly engaged and motivated, well structured and social
KitchenEirini GWas part of the kitchen team 2022 and did a great job, highly engaged and with visions for the kitchen. Spreads a positive energy and motivates other in a wonderful way.
CulinaryKatelyn MReturning member, highly engaged, was lead for Workshop 2022, have a lot of ideas on how to improve the food and kitchen. A wonderful spirit, welcoming and including.
Concept & Public spacesDejan RHighly engaged member since 2022 (music lead), been part of the “concept and design” group during start-up of the camp, full of visions and energy. Wants to take the public areas to the next level.
Event & WorkshopHanna PNew to Nordic Paradise, but have been to several burns. Very highly engaged and motivated, well structured and social with a curious and open mind.
BarNicklas OHighly engaged returning member since 2015, have visions for the bar, well organised, a great leader and social member. Has been camp lead for several years.
Lights & artAlexander OExperienced burner, new to the camp. Highly engaged and with experience in field, he has many ideas on how to create the “Nordic Light”/Aurora Borealis in the desert sky and is motivated to make it happen.