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The gates have closed!

Posted by on 5.7.23 in Uncategorized

Nordic Paradise has filled all its spots! We are now 96 members and we have closed the doors. What an amazing journey that lies ahead of us 🙂 All members look out for the member form – You need to fill it out before 16:th of July. We need to know where you plan to […]

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Guidelines for Sustainability

Posted by on 16.6.23 in Uncategorized

Nordic Paradise – Burning Man 2023 Burning Man Project is setting three broad goals to be achieved by 2030: Burning Man Project – 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap Burning Man 2022 – Sustainability initiatives We in Nordic Paradise will support the efforts of Burning Man by implementing sustainability even more in our camp setup. Aim for […]

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We got our placement 2023: 7 & Bigfoot

Hell, we’ve snagged ourselves a new dusty spot, 7B in the wild heart of BRC, a magic number if there ever was one. Nestled right in the thick of Burning Man, we’re exposed to the wild, the weird, the downright bizarre. Buckets of Burners and a ceaseless stream of humanity, like ants crawling over a […]

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Embracing Sustainability

Posted by on 13.6.23 in Sustainability

Nordic Paradise’s Commitment to Leave No Trace at Burning Man Welcome to Nordic Paradise, a remarkable camp nestled within the enchantingrealm of Burning Man. As proud members of Nordic Paradise, we strive to embodythe principles of sustainability and the core tenet of Leave No Trace. In thisblog post, we invite you to explore why we […]

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Vote for our camp logo

Posted by on 2.6.23 in Blog

It’s time for vote for the camp logo for Nordic Paradise 2023! We invite all camp members to vote on your favorite logotypes. The poll will close at Sunday June 11th. Vote using the form below: https://forms.gle/BB6dFfChVJ1oqWp59 Here are all the contributions you can vote for:

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Leaders without a leader: Why we try to have a core-lead group instead of a camp lead

Posted by on 8.5.23 in Blog, Leadership

We are striving towards organisational development each year in Nordic Paradise. This year we have worked on creating the so called “Snowflake” that divides the organisation into 5 different areas. As we still need the function of a Camp lead, but we want to increase the redundancy and collaboration we came up with the idea […]

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History of this camp – the first queer vikings in BRC settled in 2012

Posted by on 31.3.23 in Our History

–History Builds Empathy Through Studying the Lives and Struggles of Others –  Where did our journey start? During a new years party three friends named Gustaf Tadaa, Olle BjerkÃ¥s and Daniel Brooks got an idea to start a Burning Man camp. In 2012 their camp was named “Palace of Balunsia” but on playa in Black […]

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Main Sale around the corner

Posted by on 28.3.23 in Uncategorized

VERY IMPORTANT DATES: REGISTRATION Opens: April 5, 2023 12pm (noon) PST Closes: April 7, 2023 12pm (noon) PST SALE Starts: April 12, 2023 12pm (noon) PST

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Team members round #1

Posted by on 28.3.23 in Uncategorized

We have now allocated the first 75 memberships in the camp! All teams are up and running and doing an amazing job. The next round of membership allocations will happen in late April. We will the allocate 15-20 membershipts to applicants with a ticket to Burning Man.

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Co-lead allocation finished – we are now 42 members

Posted by on 9.3.23 in Uncategorized

Great things are not created by one person – it is done by a bunch of them. We have been able to welcome 21 co-leads to our Nordic Paradise family. And from what we have heard the number of 42 is also the answer to everything. Splendid! Here is a presentation of who is joining […]

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