Guidelines for Sustainability

Nordic Paradise – Burning Man 2023

Burning Man Project is setting three broad goals to be achieved by 2030:

  1. No Matter Out of Place. Handle waste ecologically
  2. Be Regenerative. Create a net positive ecological and environmental impact
  3. Be Carbon Negative. Remove more carbon from the environment than we put into it

Burning Man Project – 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap

Burning Man 2022 – Sustainability initiatives

We in Nordic Paradise will support the efforts of Burning Man by implementing sustainability even more in our camp setup.

Aim for Nordic Paradise: 

We want to integrate sustainability even further in all of the activities of Nordic Paradise → Helping Burning Man achieve goals and contributing to the environment.

Sustainability will be a part of our camp DNA 🙂

Ambition 2023:

To implement all 10 guidelines for sustainability

  1. Prioritize waste reduction: Encourage all members to bring reusable cups, plates, utensils, and other necessities to minimize the amount of waste produced during the event. Encourage Leave No Trace principles and waste segregation.
  2. Promote disposing organic waste by sorting the general waste and separating the organic waste. Make sure members know where to dispose of their organic waste. 
  3. Promote alternative transportation: Encourage members to use alternative modes of transportation such as bikes, electric cars, The Burner Express and carpooling to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion.
  4. Promote renewable energy: Encourage the use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels to power the event’s infrastructure.
  5. Reduce energy consumption: Encourage the use of energy-efficient lighting and sound systems and encourage members to turn off lights and other electronics when not in use.
  6. Reduce water consumption: Encourage members to conserve water by promoting low-flow showers and faucets and asking them to bring their own water bottles.
  7. Promote sustainable food options: Encourage the camp to offer organic, locally sourced, and vegetarian/vegan food options to reduce the carbon footprint of food production.
  8. Reduce plastic usage: Encourage members to avoid single-use plastic products such as straws, cups, and bags. We encourage members to use reusable and sustainable alternatives.
  9. Educate members: Raise awareness about sustainable practices and encourage members to adopt sustainable practices beyond the event. Offer educational talks and workshops on sustainability.
  10. Encourage carbon offsetting: Offer members the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions generated by their travel to and from Burning Man by supporting verified carbon offsetting projects.
    • Burning Man supported Carbon Offsetting Project: Climeworks

By implementing these 10 guidelines, Nordic Paradise can take significant strides towards promoting sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. 

We are committed to the environmental values of Burning Man and we will continuously improve going forward in our camp efforts.