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92% – That is a lot of MOOP

Posted by on 24.8.23 in Sustainability

A traveler from Far and Wide  One of the most exciting things about Burning Man is the communal attraction of people from all over the world. People form all continents and from different backgrounds get together and share in the festivities of Burning Man. People from different cultures and different backgrounds. But there is a […]

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A guide to leave no trace

Posted by on 14.8.23 in Sustainability

Minimizing Waste Generation and Environmental Impacts at Burning Man: A Guide to Leave No Trace Introduction: By embracing simple strategies and following the waste hierarchy, we can ensure that our experience at Burning Man leaves a positive mark on both our souls and the planet. Get ready to dive into a world where sustainability and […]

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Embracing Sustainability

Posted by on 13.6.23 in Sustainability

Nordic Paradise’s Commitment to Leave No Trace at Burning Man Welcome to Nordic Paradise, a remarkable camp nestled within the enchantingrealm of Burning Man. As proud members of Nordic Paradise, we strive to embodythe principles of sustainability and the core tenet of Leave No Trace. In thisblog post, we invite you to explore why we […]

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