Work weekend in a cabin – Startup 2023

Let us tell you how it all begins…

Every journey has a first step, as for our adventure in the Black Rock Desert 2023. It takes a hundred, or even a thousand to make our vision for a Nordic Paradise come true. After a cabin weekend at Tjörn we are on our way, and soon enough we might be “there”.

A Nordic Paradise – we created this pic with an AI (one of many) based on a description of our camp theme Nordic Paradise. This one is generated using the Starry AI App Argo AI Model 2022.

Who attended the cabin weekend at Tjörn in Sweden?

The start-up group for this year:

On site Filip, Andrea, Joakim, Tobias, Nicklas

On link Niklas, Linus, Mikael, Dejan

In thought and updated via calls Fredrik, Katelyn 

How was it?

The cabin weekend was filled with cozyness, but we were also highly productive and great visionaries for the concept and gifting to the community. We have been upgrading the organisational structure and recruited about 70 % of the 20 first Leads to grow the camp organization from. The number of camp members are going to be 90 for this year, and we hope to see a snowball effect by including new motivated souls one after another.

We are thankful for the engagement, the positive vibe and the great inner motivation we see in our team. We also talked a bit about motivation, and how we want to lead and give people the opportunity to stay in an internal and positive motivation during both the planning and the execution phase of building the Nordic Paradise.

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What did we finish then?

What will happen next?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested or have questions about Nordic Paradise 2023.