Placement is not guaranteed

Nordic Camp intends to return to Black Rock City and be a placed theme camp 2023. There are a number of requirements that we need to fulfil in order to make that happen.

First off, we need to be in “good standings” with Burning Man Org. All camps that were placed 2022 are reviewed based on what they delivered, on the reviews from neighbors and visitors, if they left their camp spot clean and without any trace and if they submitted the Post Playa Report in a timely manner. Burning Man Org announces their verdict in this matter during January.

Secondly, we need to submit a “Statement of Intent” where we are able to show that we intend to build a vibrant, interesting and amazing camp 2023. We do that by setting a clear theme for the camp with gifts and events, and by showing that we have the capability, organization and energy to deliver on site.

Hence, the process of getting placement 2023 started already during Burning Man 2022. Shortly after returning from the dust, we formed a “starting-group” that has been working with updating and improving the camp. The process is very much still in progress. We are now preparing the “Statement of Intent” for 2023, due in January 2023.

Placement doesn’t happen by itself, but we are doing all we can in order to get a spot 2023!