Transport & Trailer

Transport & Trailer
Recommended team size
4 - 5 members

The Transport team is responsible for arranging orders and purchases of camp material and making sure all Nordic Paradise’s material gets to the Playa. This means that the team needs to coordinate with all other teams that might want to buy things to build or decorate stuff, music, food, shade etc and also work in close collaboration with the Trailer team to coordinate everything in this area.
The Transport team should compile a joint shopping list with material, excluding food. (The ordering and shopping list for food should be prepared by the Culinary team.) However, the Transport team is responsible for transporting all the food for the build and the event to BRC. 

The transport team should rent one or more trucks well in advance and arrange with pick-up and driving to and from BRC with all material. Several rounds to and from Reno might be needed in order to get everything on site. The Transport team is NOT responsible for private items, but should assist in getting larger items, e.g. bikes to BRC if possible.

The Transport team is also responsible for bringing camp material and waste from the BRC post event (liaise with MOOP-team), should have a plan for disposal of these items and cleaning and returning of the trucks.

The team is also responsible for the trailer and should make sure it is registered, tax paid, has a valid tile and is functioning. Arranging payments for parking and pulling of the trailer to BRC is also included in this area. The trailer should be inspected for errors and repairs done on site or ordered to be done by an outside party between events. 


LEAD – Minimum requirements

Desirable skills / qualities