This team is not relevant for Nordic Paradise Camp 2024

Former Radical inclusion & Safety team

The social team should stimulate integration of new members of the camp. Setting up meetings for “virgin orientation” and actively contacting members that haven’t been members of Nordic Paradise previous years to facilitate their integration. The social team should arrange physical and digital meetings with focus on social integration and spreading knowledge of policies and routines for all members. 

The social lead will be the first point of contact in conflict escalation issues and should mediate and facilitate to avoid and/or de-escalate such matters. Social lead should be involved in member exclusion processes as needed and always if the member objects to the exclusion. This applies during the preparation of the camp as well as on site at BRC. 

Social team should also inform and update information to members regarding psychological and physical safety measures and where assistance can be found in case of an emergency. 

The Social team should prepare and communicate the plan for “crisis management” where an action plan for “serious injury and death of a Nordic Paradise member” is included.

Finally the Social team should prepare and facilitate introduction on site for new members and a “welcoming ceremony” on Monday as well as other activities to integrate members during the event week  


  • Be the person to stimulate inclusion of virgins and experienced burners in the camp
  • Giving introduction on the 10 principles prior to the event and at BRC
  • Creating events to encourage all members to be active in the camp and feel included
  • Make sure we communicate safety guidelines to all camp members
  • Offering guidance in addressing mental and physical health risks.
  • Prepare a ‘crisis management’ plan and communicate it to all members
  • Arrange at least two virgin orientations 
  • Facilitate in conflict escalations processes
  • Make sure there is a first-aid kit in the camp from day one
  • Make sure the camp has a radio for emergency communication
  • Facilitate introduction of virgins on-site and arrange “welcoming ceremony”

LEAD – Minimum requirements

  • Have been to BRC before
  • Have been member of Nordic Camp/Paradise before
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge in crisis management
  • Experience conflict handling 
  • Dedicated to the camp (No doubts about going to BRC)

Desirable skills / qualities

  • Previous experience as social or safety lead
  • Knowledge in crisis management
  • Education in psychology or medicine