Includes: Social, Safety, Consent & Participation

The Social team is tasked with promoting integration among camp members through activities like “virgin orientation” meetings, actively reaching out to new members, and organizing both physical and digital gatherings for social integration and policy awareness. They play a role in submitting event guides, engaging in social media, and ensuring team members fulfill expected roles. Additionally, the team manages scheduling for kitchen, MOOP, bar, and other events, and has procedures for addressing non-participation, with potential deductions from deposits, and emphasizes safety education, including consent, for members during the event week. They also facilitate introductions and a welcoming ceremony for new members on-site.

Detailed description for camp members

The team should stimulate integration of members of the camp. Setting up meetings for “virgin orientation” and actively contacting members that haven’t been members of Nordic Paradise previous years to facilitate their integration. The social team should arrange physical and digital meetings with focus on social integration and spreading knowledge of policies and routines for all members.

The team should assist in writing and submitting Nordic Paradise’s “event guide” to the “Where, When, What” guide in a timely manner. The team is also expected to be active on social media, answering questions and stimulating others to make regular “educational” posts regarding selected topics during the preparation for Nordic Paradise.

The team should reach out to all team leads during the preparation phase and ask if any member in the team isn’t participating in a way that is expected. If such a member is identified the team should have a procedure for following-up. The first step always includes approaching the concerned member. Additional steps might include increasing the tasks needed to done during the event week for the concerned member. The last step is to ask the member to leave the camp/exclude the member.

The team is also responsible for filling the shifts for the kitchen, moop, bar and other events, where individual members can choose and/or be allocated shifts. The team should communicate with team “food”, “LNT”, “bar” and “Event” to determine how many persons are needed for each shift and assist in the allocation of members to the respective areas. The team should print and bring all schedules to BRC and have a system for making them visible and available for all members. The team should print and bring the final schedules to BRC, create a folder with important information, print emergency information, make a big chart with pictures, names and team of all members and have a system for ticking off members that have participated in their shifts.

The team should also have a procedure to follow up participation during the event week. Members that do not participate in the tasks they have signed up for should be approached as soon as possible. There should also be a review of these members post the event and the team should decide on appropriate deduction from the deposit if needed. This information should be forwarded to the team “Membership &Finance”.

Social team should also inform and update information to members regarding psychological and physical safety measures and where assistance can be found in case of an emergency.

The team is also responsible for communication and education regarding consent and should have a group of dedicated members specifically allocated to this task.

The Social team should prepare and facilitate introduction on site for new members and a “welcoming ceremony” on Monday as well as other activities to integrate members during the event week.