Shift & Ice

Shift & Ice
Recommended team size
3 - 4 members

The shift team is responsible for manning the schedule for the kitchen, moop, bar and other events, where individual members can choose and/or be allocated shifts. The shift team should communicate with kitchen, culinary, moop, event and workshop teams to determine how many persons are needed for each shift and assist in the allocation of members to the respective areas. The Shift team should communicate with members that haven’t signed up for mandatory shifts and inform them of the risk of exclusion and/or allocation of shifts. The shift team should print and bring all schedules to BRC and have a system for making them visible and available for all members. 

The shift team should also set up a system for ice-orders and make sure the bar and kitchen can order ice and that members get reimbursed for the ice they buy to the camp. 

There should also be a system for following-up on participation in allocated shifts. Members that skip shiftsshould get a mark and be informed about their “failure to participate” as soon as possible. If a member skips several shifts, an exclusion process should be initiated by the shift lead. All information about skipping shift shall be kept until after the event since deduction from the deposit might be done.  


LEAD – Minimum requirements

Desirable skills / qualities