Includes: Leadership, Organization, Sustainability & Digital Platforms

The Organization team is responsible for effectively communicating the camp’s policies, vision, and goals to all members, providing support to team leads, and facilitating camp meetings. They are also tasked with managing external communication, including the creation of a communication and documentation plan, coordinating with the Membership & Finance team for member management, overseeing digital platforms like the website and social media, handling conflict escalation, staying connected with Burning Man, and exploring ways to promote knowledge sharing and environmental sustainability within Nordic Paradise.

Detailed description for camp members

The team should communicate the camp’s policies, vision, goals and purpose to all members. This team shall support and be ready to give advice to all leads in their preparations and work, facilitate camp meetings and assist in Advice-Processes.

The team should take responsibility for the camp’s external communication. This includes setting up and maintaining a communication and documentation plan. The plan should include a strategy for where different information is communicated and stored as well as who has access to the different platforms.

The team should coordinate with team “Membership & Finance” to provide an as smooth flow as possible for managing members, including members registering to the NPO, registering for the camp, being assigned to the camp in a team, managing user roles and managing changes and removal of members as needed.

The team should set up and administrate the digital platforms used by Nordic Paradise. This includes the webpage and other social media. Setting up a system to monitor and moderate the social media platforms used. Where possible, information should be easy to update for other members. If needed, the team should assist in updating the content in accordance with current policies.

The team should oversee or take a leading role in conflict escalation and should mediate and try to avoid further escalation.

The team has to stay connected with Burning Man and submit applications, coordinate Stewardship sale and WAP allocation in a timely manner. Since Burning Man only communicates with what they call “Camp Lead”, the lead for this team is called “Camp Lead” in the communication with BM.

The team should explore new options to share knowledge in the camp and explore the possibility to introduce new systems such as web-based education material and workshops.

The team should also work with sustainability and assist all teams in minimizing the environmental impact of Nordic Paradise. This includes transport to and from BRC, our energy consumption during the event, what materials we use for building and how trash can be minimized.

The team is expected to advocate for environmentally sustainable solutions, help finding ways of maximizing reuse of resources and minimizing waste.