This team is not relevant for Nordic Paradise Camp 2024

The Music team is responsible for the music system, i.e., speakers, mixer table and cables. The Music team is also responsible for setting up a schedule for DJ:s and making sure we have music available in the camp when it is open. The Music team should also inform all DJ:s to align the music to Noric Paradise’s theme in order to make the concept consistent. The Music team should liaise with the Energy team to make sure energy requirements are met. 

Maintenance and repair of the system should be done on site or if that isn’t possible, the Music team should make a plan for this to be done between events. 


  • Make a schedule for DJs 
  • Making sure the camp has music during opening hours in the camp
  • Provide extra play-lists that can be used outside opening hours (lacks DJ)
  • Make sure we have a PA system for camp meetings (microphone)
  • Make sure the sound system is functional and serviced as needed
  • Liaise with the Energy team to make sure we got power for the sound system
  • Assist DJ:s in how to operate the sound system and preferably have a few more members of the camp knowing how to do this. 

LEAD – Minimum requirements

  • Previous experience as DJ
  • Good knowledge about music systems

Desirable skills / qualities

  • Experience in maintenance and repair of music systems
  • Have been to BRC before
  • Have been member of Nordic Camp before