Recommended team size
2 - 3 members

The MOOP team is responsible for planning, setting up and maintaining the MOOP-station from build to strike. This includes informing members of the need to minimise emballage and other potential MOOP-items they bring to BRC, prohibited items, e.g. feathers, glitter and how the MOOP-station should be used. A plan for how personal MOOP shall be handled must be communicated clearly and followed up during the event.
The MOOP-team should plan and set up the MOOP-station so sorting of trash is made easy. There should be a system for handling full bags of trash during the event and a plan for disposal post event (liaise with the Transport team). All items that can be recycled should be separated and taken care of in the best possible way for the environment. 

The MOOP team should also make sure that there is equipment for MOOP-sweeps, e.g. rakes and brooms. Organising MOOP-shifts, informing the leads for each shift of what is expected, updating check-lists and making these available is also the responsibility of the MOOP team.

The MOOP team should also set up the camp’s burn barrel and make sure trash that can be burnt is separated and handled the right way (Paper, wellpap and potentially organic waste).

The MOOP lead should assist the Shift lead in following up on participation in the MOOP-shifts and should instruct all daily MOOP-leads to check off all participants and collect the lists. 


LEAD – Minimum requirements

Desirable skills / qualities