This team is not relevant for Nordic Paradise Camp 2024

The Membership team is responsible for handling memberships in Nordic Paradise. The Membership lead should work in close collaboration with the application committee. The membership team should appoint one or two persons to be responsible for the Master sheet and keeping it up to date. Collect and update information regarding members during the preparation phase, such as sleeping arrangements, ticket status etc. 

The membership team should prepare information about how the membership application process works and answer questions related to memberships. The information should be made available on Nordic Paradise’s digital fora. 

Handling members that want to leave or join the camp and make sure this is done in a structured way, where communication with the Financial team is crucial. The membership team should also take responsibility for the waiting lists and contact members that are accepted from those lists and assist them in the process of becoming members.


  • Set up and maintain the Master Sheet membership tabs
  • Taking active part in the assessment of membership application
  • Administrate the waiting lists and contact persons in line when needed  
  • Creating and sending greeting emails to new members
  • Setting up a list of contact details (and ICE contacts) for all members and bring a printed version to BRC
  • Collecting additional member information as needed and update the Master Sheet
  • Working closely with financial team to coordinate members and camp fee transferals 
  • Working closely with communication team to distribute important information 

LEAD – Minimum requirements

  • Have been to BRC before
  • Have been member of Nordic Camp/Paradise before
  • Good communication skills
  • Dedicated to the camp (No doubts about going to BRC)
  • Skills in Excel

Desirable skills / qualities

  • Previous experience as membership lead
  • Well organised and structured
  • Previous experience 
  • God/excellent skills in Excel