Lights & Art

Lights & Art
Recommended team size
3 - 4 members

The team is mainly responsible for the [intended] art installation Nordic Lights that will be projected over the camp. However, the team should coordinate with the “Public Spaces team” and make it a joint effort to set up lights in the public area. The team is also responsible for coordinating any other bigger (i.e. that needs a budget) art project in the camp not directly related to or created by other teams e.g. if the bar makes an art piece to go on the bardesk, it’s the bar-team that makes it happen.  

The team should minimise energy consumption by using low-energy consumption armatures and having a system for switching on and off the lights automatically. Special considerations should be taken to the fact that much light is needed after dark when the camp still is active, i.e. evenings and early nights. The Nordic Light would preferably be active all night, but the lights in the Public Space would preferably have a “dim” setting, keeping some chill lights on during the night even when it is abandoned or populated by only a few souls later at night. The light would preferably be switched off automatically at dusk.  

Maintenance and repair of the light system should be done on site or if that isn’t possible, the team should make an inventory of what lights the camp has and append it to the camp’s inventory.  


LEAD – Minimum requirements

Desirable skills / qualities