Recommended team size
5 - 6 members

The Kitchen team is responsible for setting up the kitchen and for all equipment needed in order to store and cook all the food. This includes the kitchen and dining tents, burners, utensils, pans and pots, shelves, fridge and freezers (planned for 2023). Getting propane for the burners is also included in the responsibilities. The Kitchen lead should sign up Nordic Paradise to the BRC fuel program and liaise with the Energy team in order to also include fuel to the generators in this process (if needed). 

Making a plan for the dining space and setting up shade, tables and chairs are included in this AoR. Setting up and maintaining the dish-washing-station is also included in the Kitchen team’s responsibilities. 

The Kitchen team should work in close collaboration with the Culinary team and make a plan for all food-shifts, including how many heads that are needed, what time food should be served and assigning leads for each meal (head-chef) 

The Kitchen lead should assist the Shift lead in following up on participation in the food-shifts and should instruct all head-chefs to check off all participants and collect the lists. 


LEAD – Minimum requirements

Desirable skills / qualities