Inventory & Personal storage

Inventory & Personal storage
Recommended team size
3 - 4 members

The team is responsible for the camp’s inventory. The team should set up an inventory with all camp material and make sure this is updated at the end of the event. This will require presence during strike and loading of the trailer. Some work has to be done post event. 

The team is also responsible for the storage solution of all private items such as bikes, tents, yurts and boxes. This includes having an up-to-date inventory with all things and collecting storage fees from all members that have items in the storage. 

The team should also keep track of all “unclaimed” bikes that have been donated to Nordic Paradise by former members and set up a system where new members can claim and pay for a bike prior to the event. Nordic Paradise also has tents, sleeping equipment etc that members can claim and the team should have a system for claiming and paying for this equipment too.
The team should set up rules for private storage and communicate these well before the event so all members know how storage of private items can be done. If needed, the team should also make plans for expanding the personal storage capacity. 

In addition, the team should appoint at least one member to be responsible for setting up a bike-repair station in the camp.  


LEAD –  Minimum requirements