Event and workshops

Event and workshops
Recommended team size
5 - 7 members

The Event and workshop team is responsible for arranging all events and workshops that are held in the camp. This includes making a schedule for when the camp is open, staffing needed in order to perform all planned activities (excluding the bar and the DJ). The Event and workshop team should stimulate members to participate in the creation of the schedule for the camp, but should also make sure all activities are in line with the agreed concept. 

The Event and workshop team should liaise with the C&PS team early in the planning process in order to be able to submit the “statement of intent” and “Placement questionnaire”  to Burning Man Placement in a timely manner (Camp lead will submit). 

The camp should be open at least four hours per day, there should be at least two days with extended opening hours (6-8 hours) and at least one big party where the whole camp participates. At least five workshops should be held during the week.  


LEAD – Minimum requirements

Desirable skills / qualities