This team is not relevant for Nordic Paradise Camp 2024

The Energy team is responsible for arranging and setting up a system that will provide the camp with sufficient electricity during build and the event. The camp wants to use solar power (as in 2022) and high priority should be given to minimise the carbon footprint of the camp. The camp also has generators for back-up and the Energy team is responsible for maintaining these and also to bring sufficient fuel to run them. 

The energy team should prioritise energy to the camp’s common structures, but also set up at least one charging station for mobiles and small electronics. Electricity should also be provided to the shade structure to enable members to inflate madrassases. The Energy team should arrange with the power grid for the camp and make sure chords are dug down where needed and give instructions and inform members of restrictions in the use of energy in the camp. 

The Energy team is NOT responsible for common lights (only providing energy to them), but should advise teams when it comes to selection of light systems in order to minimise energy consumption (LED).


  • Liaise with other AoR and calculate need for power
  • Secure enough power for the camp’s needs
  • Responsible for energy generation and delivery 
  • Plan to use solar power instead of generators
  • Responsible for storage of fuels
  • Buying fuel for generators 
  • Perform service of the generators and make sure they’re operational during the burn
  • Make sure camp lights are set up properly and are low-energy consumption (LED)

 Minimum requirements

  • Well oriented in power generation and distribution
  • Knowledge in handling solar power and generators

Desirable skills / qualities

  • Electrician
  • Have been to BRC before