Culinary – meals & food

This team is not relevant for Nordic Paradise Camp 2024
Culinary – meals & food

The Culinary team is responsible for making recipes for all common meals in the camp, including build. Having a plan for ordering, buying and storing all ingredients needed. All recipes should have clear preparation instructions, be printed and made available to head-chefs. The Culinary team needs to arrange all ingredients in order to minimise risk of food-teams using wrong ingredients. 

The Culinary team should work in close collaboration with the Kitchen team and make a plan for all food-shifts, including how many heads that are needed, what time food should be served and assigning head-chefs for each meal.

The Culinary team should assign and inform all head-chefs (leads for each food-shift) on how the kitchen should be operated and how to prepare the food. There should also be a plan for handling leftovers. The Culinary team should be prepared to make changes to the food-plan as needed during the week if ingredients are missing or gone bad. 


  • Plan and coordinate communal food: find recipes, plan for allergies, make a schedule, make shopping list for ingredients
  • Assign head chefs for each meal 
  • Give instructions to the head chefs and support them in their planning
  • Print and laminate the recipes and make sure they make it to the playa
  • Liaise with the Kitchen team regarding equipment for cooking
  • Organise ingredients on site – stored properly and easy for each team to find
  • Having a plan for handing left-overs

LEAD – Minimum requirements

  • Experience in cooking food in large quantities 
  • Have been to BRC before

Desirable skills / qualities

  • Experience/education as chef
  • Have been member of Nordic Camp/Paradise before
  • Have been kitchen or culinary lead before (preferably in NC, but also from other camps or burns)