Concept & Public spaces

Concept & Public spaces
Recommended team size
8 - 10 members

The Concept & Public spaces (C&PS) team is responsible for Nordic Paradise’s concept or theme and to align the public spaces in accordance. The C&PS team should invite all members to participate in the process of establishing and developing Nordic Paradise’s theme. Nordic Paradise’s concept has been quite loosely defined and the workshops and gifts that the camp have offered have not been fully aligned with each other and with the way the public spaces have been set up and decorated. Hence, this role will have a larger responsibility in 2023 with an explicit aim to develop a more clear and consistent theme for the camp. 

The C&PS team should set the lay-out of the public space, including what shade-structure that shall be used, bigger instalments, decoration and lights. The team has to liaise with the Event & workshop, music and bar teams in order to make the theme consistent in all areas. 

The C&PS team shall work together with the Event & Workshop team in preparing the “Statement of intent” that should be submitted to BM placement in December and make requited updates of the camp theme description in the “Placement questionnaire” due in February. 

Nordic Paradise has rented a workshop tent in 2019 & 2023 and lacks infrastructure to build a public space. Hence, the C&PS team will have to establish what solution should be used, order and organise the new structure for 2023. The carpets, fabric, chairs, tables and other material used in the public space also need to be reviewed and replaced in order to fit the concept and theme of the camp. 


LEAD – Minimum requirements

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