This team is not relevant for Nordic Paradise Camp 2024

The Build lead will allocate Working Access Passes (WAP) in collaboration with the core leads. The build lead shall coordinate the work with setting up the camp. The Build team is responsible for ordering and getting all material needed for the private structures, such as shade-structure and shower. The team should also set up the working space in the trailer where all tools are stored and construction work that generates moop is done. The team needs to coordinate with Concept & Public spaces and assist in constructing structures needed in that area. The Build team should also lead the process of making the camp’s lay-out and map. 

The team should recruit members that will arrive early and form the on-site Build team. All on-site members of the team must be able to arrive early, i.e., no later than Wednesday during build week.  The Build team is the first to arrive at BRC (Monday or Tuesday) and should contact Placement on site in order to get Nordic Paradise’s allocated spot. 


  • Responsible for setting up the camp
  • Coordinate with Core Leads for WAP
  • Create a “build-team” and make sure everyone is informed about build
  • Primary contact with Placement at BRC
  • Mark the camp site with strings or other means, to claim our area
  • Create a “working area” where all tools are kept and building that creates moop can be done
  • Assist other teams with construction work and building
  • Make sure the camp has working lights to enable build during dark hours
  • Create a layout of the tent area, place pathways and mark with led strings
  • Survey members living arrangement on playa – tents, hexayurts, RV:s?
  • Assign arriving members a spot to set up their tent / living solution.
  • Plan materials for shade structure over tents and other private areas

LEAD – Minimum requirements

  • Have been to BRC before
  • Have been member of Nordic Camp/Paradise before
  • Well organised and structured
  • Experience in setting up the camp (been part of build previous year)
  • Arrive to US no later than Monday and to BRC no later than Tuesday during build

Desirable skills / qualities

  • Experience in building
  • Carpenter or the like
  • Leadership