This team is not relevant for Nordic Paradise Camp 2024
Recommended team size
5 - 7 members

The Bar team is responsible for building, staffing and stocking the bar. Setting the bar menu and deciding what drinks and other gifts/snacks/food Nordic Paradise should offer. The bar team is also responsible for seeking food permits needed for the camp to be allowed to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks.
The bar team should investigate the need for coffee and tea in the camp and is responsible for having a solution to make coffee and tea for both camp members and guests.

The bar team is also responsible for setting up a system to order ice (liaise with Shift team) to the bar and making sure all cold drinks can be chilled.

A check-kist for running the bar as well as instructions on how to handle food, ID-checks etc should also be provided by the Bar team. 


 Minimum requirements

Desirable skills / qualities