This team is not relevant for Nordic Paradise Camp 2023
Recommended team size
6 members

The team is responsible for building, staffing and stocking the bar. Setting the bar menu and deciding what drinks and other gifts/snacks/food Nordic Paradise should offer. The team is responsible for seeking food permits needed for the camp to be allowed to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks. In order to get such permits certain health requirements need to be met and the team is responsible for making sure this is done.

The team is also responsible for setting up a system to order ice to the bar and making sure all cold drinks can be chilled. A check-list for running the bar as well as instructions on how to handle food, ID-checks, etc., should also be provided by the team.

The team is also responsible for arranging other gifts that the camp can offer. This might include stickers, bracelets or physical gifts handed out to members of the camp or other participants. A camp “token” should be created and handed out to all camp members.

The team should also arrange fun games and other happenings during the hours that the bar is open. When the bar is open, the team manning the bar is also responsible for hosting the Public Space. This includes standing at the street and make people come into the camp and walking around in the public space keep it clean and tidy and make all guests feel welcome.