Organization and BM-relations

About this team

Team size: 2 persons

Organization and BM-relations lead/team is an important and big role in Nordic Camp. Main focus is to make sure the fire is burning, members are excited, the project goes forward and that the members are aware of the camp’s policies, vision, goals and purpose. 

This small team shall support and be ready to give advice to all leads in their preparations and work, facilitate camp meetings and be vigilant in addressing shortcomings in different teams. They should also oversee or take a leading role in conflict escalation and should mediate and try to avoid further escalation. Making all policies known to members and assisting in Advice-Process is a very important task for the Organisation lead. 

The organization and BM-relations team have to stay connected with Burning Man and submit applications, coordinate Directed Group Sale and WAPs in a timely manner. Since Burning Man only communicates with what they call “Camp Lead”, this role will be called “Camp Lead” in the communication with BM. 


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