Web and digital platforms

About this team

Team size: 3-4 persons

This team should set up and administrate the digital platforms used by Nordic Paradise and Camp. This includes the webpage and other social media. Setting up a system to monitor and moderate the social media platforms used. Reviewing the information texts on these platforms and updating them in accordance with current policies. 

The web team should collect information from the other teams, compile the information into structured newsletters and send them to all members on a regular basis during the preparation of the camp. Assist membership team in writing information about memberships and policies. 

The web team should assist the teams for events and public spaces in writing and submitting Nordic Paradise’s “event guide” to the “Where, When, What” guide in a timely manner. The communication team is also expected to be active on social media, answering questions and making regular “educational” posts regarding selected topics during the preparation for Nordic Paradise. 


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